NPS Type Pneumatic Auto Feeder


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Single-Feed Pneumatic Transport

The realization of research and large-scale equipment quantitative pneumatic transport.


Our pneumatic auto feeders are highly reliable quantitative pneumatic table feeders used for the transportation of powder or grain materials.

The feeders perform continuous high-accurate volumetric feeding (blowing) to the next stage of a process line.

Powder or grains are fed directly through pneumatic transportation piping, thus allowing controlled, adhesion-free transportation.

This earned our feeders a reputation of being ‘the standard for quantitative pneumatic feeding’ and are used widely used in a wide range of industries.

Our broad assortment, including the PS Type (Single-feed), the NP Type (Multi-feed) and the NPS Type (for Micro feed rate), allows you to choose a feeder that is suited to the specific needs of your plant.

NPS Type

1. Stable Pneumatic Transport is Possible Even for Micro Volume Feeding
The individual powder mass volume measuring structure of this equipment realizes high-accurate feeding and pneumatic transport with small amounts of carrier gas.

2. Easy Disassembly and Cleaning are Possible
Connecting parts are easy disassembled, allowing for easy cleaning of the inside of the equipment.

Parts List
 1  ホッパー Hopper
 2  フィーダー Feeder
 3  ON/OFFランプ ON/OFF lamp
 4  電源スイッチ Power switch
 5  圧力計 Pressure gauge
 6  流量計 Flow meter
 7  減圧弁 Pressure reduction valve
 8  ガス供給口 Gas inlet
 9  パウダー出口 Powder outlet
 10  電源ランプ Power lamp
 11  メカニカルバルブ Mechanical valve
 12  回転計 Tachometer
 13  回転数設定ボリューム Revolution adjusting volume
 14  ヒューズ Fuse
 15  電源コネクター Power connector
NPS Type
Feed rate
Motor Power
NPS-50 0.01 ~ 2.0L/h 90W 60kg
NPS-200 0.4 ~ 12.0L/h 0.2kW 170kg

Applicable Powder Material List for Feeders

Melting furnace and research plant

酸化チタン Titanium
フラックス Flux
シリカ Silica
セラミックス Ceramics
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