Sliding Coat Special Paint SD-2


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For Prevent From Deposit of Powder in Silo and Pipe

Effective for minimizing of bridging and rathole.

  • The sliding coat is a non・cohesive silicone paint. It features superior waterproof and damp・proof characteristics and exhibits the power for prevention of bridge formation in the hopper and piping.
  • Highly resistant against heat, cold, abrasion, impact, bending and chemicals, it is dried at the normal temperature in approximately three hours, thereby allowing easy painting in the field.
Sliding Coat SD-2

<br />
Sliding Coat SD-2 Application<br />
- For preventing rat hole at Inlet of feeder<br />
- For preventing arching at inside of Silo<br />
- For preventing arching at inside of Transportation Pipe<br />

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