ELCF Type Smooth Auto Feeder


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For Various Kinds of Dry Powders

This machine provides a stable feed of various kinds of dry powders.


Stable feeding of a wide variety of dry powders
Our feeders scrape powder from a container and batch it by volume, which allows for high accurate, stable feeding for a wide variety of dry powders.

Suitable for high fluid powder feeding as well
Use of our tightly sealed Encircle Disc allows for stable feeding of highly fluid powders as well.

Allows for high accurate feeding
Use of a spout (powder-pressure reducing device) enables high accurate feeding thanks to its special construction that is unaffected by highly variable specific gravity from the powder pressure.

Handles adhesive and firmly adhesive powders
The unit is constructed for different powder properties for stable feeding of fly ash and other adhesive powders, and cement, sodium bicarbonate, and other firmly adhesive powders.


The ELCF Type Smooth Auto Feeder is a highly reliable quantitative feeder that continuously and accurately feeds powder or grain to the next process.

Its use of a tight-sealing Encircle-Disc (scrapes powders and grain from a container and batches them by volume) allows for stable supply of even highly-fluid powders.

Our reliability and expertise, cultivated for over 50 years, can be found in each and every one of our products.

Our feeders enjoy high praise in pollution control facilities; the chemicals industry; the steel, refining, and metals industries; the paper industry; the food industry; and numerous other industries.

The accumulated powder is kept at a set powder pressure in the spout (4) (powder-pressure reducing device) installed at inlet in the lower vessel (3).

It is then deposited inside the feeding table (7) in a homogenous, uncompressed state by the agitator.

The powder deposited inside the feeding table (7) is scraped to a set volume, and then fed to the chute (6).

The inverter can vary the rotation speed to adjust feed rate.

ELCF Type Parts List

ELCF Type Construction

Feed rate
Motor Power
ELCF-50 300L/h 0.4kW 120kg
ELCF-100 600L/h 0.75kW 200kg
ELCF-200 3m3/h 1.5kW 350kg
ELCF-300 6.5m3/h 2.2kW 600kg
ELCF-400 15m3/h 3.7kW 1000kg
ELCF-500 40m3/h 5.5kW 1400kg
ELCF-600 80m3/h 7.5kW 2300kg
ELCF-700 160m3/h 11kW 3300kg

Usage Examples

Automatic Dissolution System
Our feeders are used for feeding of chemicals (powders) into dissolving tanks,
which need reliable concentration control, in dissolution equipment, such as factory drainage treatment/neutralization equipment and other water treatment equipment at treatment plants.

Automatic Dissolution System

Fly Ash Feeding System
At waste incineration facilities, they find use as quantitative reliable feeders for feeding fly ash to the next process
(solidification in ash beds).

Fly Ash Feeding System

Fly Ash Feeding System

Applicable Powder Material List for Feeders

消石灰 Slaked lime 炭酸ストロンチュウム Strontium carbonate
炭酸カルシウム Calcium carbonate 硫酸ニッケル Nickel sulfate
活性炭 Activated carbon 炭酸ニッケル Nickel carbonate
反応助剤 Auxiliary agent 澱粉 Starch
セメント Cement ポリエチレン Polyethylene
珪藻土 Diatomite ポリアクリルアマイド Polyacrylamide
ゼオライト Zeolite 苛性ソーダ Caustic soda
尿素 Urea 重曹 Sodium bicarbonate
芒硝 Glaubers salt フッカアルミニウム Aluminium fluoride
フライアッシュ Fly ash ホウ酸 Boric acid
焼却灰 Burned ash ゼラチン Gelatin
溶融飛灰 Melted fly ash シリカ Silica
ソーダ灰 Soda ash カーボン Carbon
重油灰 Heavy oil ash ポリマー Polymer
酸化鉄 Ferric oxide 酸化チタン Titanium oxide
亜鉛 Zinc ビスフェノール Bisphenol
フラックス Flux タルク Talc
微粉炭 Galvanized coal ハイドロサルファイト Hydrosulfite
オイルコークス Oil cokes カオリン Kaolin
鉄粒 Iron granulates クレー Clay
酸化クロム Chromic oxide 亜硫酸ソーダ Sulfite soda
コバルト Cobalt 硫酸マグネシウム Magnesium sulfate
硅砂 Silica sand ゴーセノール Gohsenol
炭酸亜鉛 Zinc carbonate カーバイド Carbide
アルミナ Aluminum ドロマイト Dolomite

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