STECF Type Smooth Auto Feeder


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Multi-Feed from the One Silo

Individual feed rate alignment for downward-flow equipment.


Can accurately feed a wide variety of dry powder
Our feeders scrape powders from a container and batch it by volume, which allows for high accurate, stable feeding for a wide variety of dry powders.

Allows steady feeding of highly fluid powder
With tightly sealed Encircle Disc allows stable feeding of highly fluid powder as well.

Allows combination of the pneumatic conveyance method and natural fall method
Because the pneumatic conveyance method and natural fall method can be combined into one system, a wide-range of responses depending on equipment specifications are possible.



The Smooth Auto Feeder (ST-type) is a multidirectional quantitative feeder which enables continuous powder feeding from a storage silo to multiple directions (2-4 directions).

Can be adjusted in this feeder, because the agitator unit and the various feeding units are independent, feed rate s conforming to downstream equipment and the space required for install at on can be minimized.

Additionally, because it’s a multidirectional feeder, by selecting the feed unit based on powder properties, both natural fall method and pneumatic conveyance method are possible.

With the spout (4) (powder pressure reducing device) at feeder inlet and the agitator (2), stored powder or grain materials are deposited inside the feeding table (9) with constant density and without compression.

Powders fed in this manner are divided into uniform volumes by the scraper plate and are then discharged into the chute (6).

Adjustment of the feed rate is performed by varying rotation speed at the inverter.

 1  撹拌用モーター Agitator Motor
 2  撹拌体 Agitator
 3  撹拌筒 Agitator Vessel
 4  スポート Spout
 5  供給用モーター Feeder Motor
 6  シュート Chute
 7  供給盤受 Feeding Table
 8  スリ切り板 Scraper Plate
 9  供給盤 Feeding Table
Internal structure may be altered depending on powder and combination method used.

STCF-type Structure

Feed rate
Motor Power
Feeder Motor
Agitator Motor
STECF-50-2 ~ 4W 200L/h(×2 ~ 4W) 0.75kW 0.75kW 950 ~ 1400kg
STECF-100-2 ~ 4W 500L/h(×2 ~ 4W) 0.75kW 0.75kW 950 ~ 1400kg
STECF-200-2 ~ 4W 2.2m3/h(×2 ~ 4W) 0.75kW 1.5kW 1200 ~ 1750kg
STECF-300-2 ~ 4W 5.5m3/h(×2 ~ 4W) 1.5kW 2.2kW 2300 ~ 3300kg
STECF-400-2 ~ 4W 13m3/h(×2 ~ 4W) 1.5kW 2.2kW 3700 ~ 5500kg

Examples of Applications with ST-type Feeders



In rechargeable battery manufacturing process, our feeders are being used for feeding highly adhesive powder.
In incineration plant, our feeders are used for producing slurry blowing chemicals.
In equipment for blowing of supplementary fuels, our feeders are used as distributors to weighing machine.

Applicable Powder Material List for ST-type Feeders
消石灰 Slaked lime ポリエチレン Polyethylene
炭酸カルシウム Calcium carbonate 重曹 Sodium bicarbonate
活性炭 Activated carbon フッカアルミニウム Aluminum fluoride
セメント Cement シリカ Silica
珪藻土 Diatomite カーボン Carbon
フライアッシュ Fly ash ポリマー Polymer
ソーダ灰 Soda ash 酸化チタン Titanium oxide
フラックス Flux タルク Talc
微粉炭 Galvanized coal クレー Clay
アルミナ Aluminum ベントナイト Bentonite
樹脂ペレット Resin pellet 亜鉛粉末 Zinc powder
溶融飛灰 Melted fly ash メチルセルロース Methyl cellulose
焼却灰 Burned ash 尿素 Urea
二酸化マンガン Manganese dioxide 苛性ソーダ Caustic soda
乾燥汚泥 Dried sludge 酸化鉄 Ferric oxide
塩化カリウム Potassium chloride 生石灰 Calcium oxide
過硫酸アンモニウム Ammonium persulfate 澱粉 Starch
重油灰 Heavy oil ash カオリン Kaolin
ビスフェノール Bisphenol カルボキシメチル Carboxymethyl
オイルコークス Oil cokes ハイドロサルファイト Hydrosulfite
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