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Company Summary

Company name Global Materials Engineering Co., Ltd.
(formerly Taisei Mfg. Co.,Ltd.)
Establishment January , 2016
Capital 10,000,000YEN
Head Office & Factory Location 1067-1, Aoyagi, Koga-shi, Fukuoka, 811-3134 Japan

TEL:81-92-943-3337 FAX:81-92-943-3338

Tokyo Branch ST shibuya building, 1-15-14, Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0043 Japan

TEL:81-3-3463-1968 FAX:81-3-3463-1976

Osaka Office Wako building, 7-6-12, Nishinakajima, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka, 532-0011 Japan

TEL:81-6-6309-8531 FAX:81-6-6309-8532

Member group The Association of Powder Process Industry and Engineering, JAPAN
President Edami Ishiyama
Managing Director Tetsuya Kamura
Director Chiharu Tou
Outside Director Keita Ishiyama
Audit Kouichi Oe
Transaction Bank The Kitakyushu Bank Fukuoka Branch

The Shoko Chukin Bank Fukuoka Branch

The Bank of Fukuoka Sumiyoshi Branch

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We have many patent rights and inventions, which enabled the automation and continuation of various kinds of powder and grain handling equipment, such as continuous auto feeders, weight-decrease continuous auto weight feeders, quantitative pneumatic feeders and continuous medicine-solving equipment.
We also have many engineers who have knowledge and experiences, and businesses are manufacturing and sales of powder machines and equipment, and designs and engineering.

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  • ■ Smooth Auto Feeder (Powder and granular materials quantitative feeding equipment)
  • ■ Cell In Checker (Weighing equipment)
  • ■ Auto Checker (Loss-in weight type continuous auto weighing equipment)
  • ■ Biomass Feeder
  • ■ Discharger
  • ■ Automatic Dissolution System (Sodium carbonate, Slaked lime Automatic Dissolution System)
  • ■ Activated carbon feeding system (Active carbon, medicine blowing system)
  • ■ Coal dust weighing system
  • ■ Oil cokes blowing system
  • ■ Continuous chemical dissolution system
  • ■ Powder and granule peripheral equipment
      Rotary Valve, Sliding Gate, Bag Filter, Sliding Coat, Filter Nozzle, Prejetter

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Efforts Toward Quality

「Global Materials Engineering Co., Ltd. has acquired ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification」

■ Quality Policy
Ensure proper quality assurance through effective quality management; work towards increasing customer satisfaction through continual improvement; aim to be a company trusted by society.
■ Certification Range
Design, Development, Manufacture and Maintenance control of Quantitative Feeder for Powdered and Granular materials and their related equipment
■ Certified Locations
Main Office and Factory, Tokyo Branch, Osaka Office
■ Environmental Policy
Our company is cognizant of the impact its business activities, products and services have on the global environment, and recognize that conservation of the global environment is an important issue for all mankind. Our company conducts its operations in a manner that places efforts towards environmental conservation as one of management’s most important issues.
■ Certification Range
Design, Development, Manufacture and Maintenance control of Quantitative Feeder for Powdered and Granular materials and their related equipment
■ Certified Locations
Main Office and Factory

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Factory Area 9,638-sqm
Building Area 4,042-sqm
Employees 60 people
Facility Can-making facility / Machining facility / Assembling facility / Inspection facility /Test facility

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Our markets are powder and granular materials processing industriesin an extensive range.
The markets locate from Hokkaido to Honsyu, Shikoku, and Kyusyu in Japan and also in foreign countries.
Recently, because of industries’ streaming.

Powder-feeding equipment are adapted to be continuous and automated, and the markets are expanding.
Our products include:
chemical engineering of various kinds, raw material feeders of food-processing industries, additive feeders,
and medicine-charging equipment in waterworks, sewage works, environment-protection facilities,
as well as the feeders for solving tanks, reaction tanks, stock tanks, mixers, kneading equipment,
molders and weighing equipment.
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