TCF Type Table Feeder


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For the Feed of Various Forms of Materials

Continuous Feed is Possible without Deformation of the Material.

  • Allows the feed of flake, pellet, powder, cluster, and fiber materials.
  • Continuous feed without pulsation is made possible because of its flat type feeding table.
  • Forcibly extracts material from inside the feeder, therefore no material remains.

TCF Type

Powdery materials (medicines) laid up in the hopper filled up on the table through the feeding spout then along the scraper the materials can be conveyed out quantitatively through the chute Driving begins with motor goes intermediary with Vbelt conveyed to the feeding table.

Adjustment of the feeding volume can be done by the revolution per minute of the table and the degree of the extent of the spout adjustment system. Adjustment Spout is able to set with the scale.

The setting of the feeding volume can be done just to set the number of the rotation of Variable motor or to set the Spout scale.

 1  ホッパー Hopper
 2  撹拌羽根 Agitating Wing
 3  スポート Spout Cylinder
 4  テーブル Table
 5  減速機 Speed Reducer
 6  円筒 Casing
 7  スクレパー Scraper
 8  シュート Chute

TCF Type Construction

Feed rate
Motor Power
TCF-05 5L/h 0.2kW 80kg
TCF-1 15L/h 0.4kW 100kg
TCF-2 30L/h 0.4kW 120kg
TCF-3 100L/h 0.75kW 160kg
TCF-4 300L/h 0.75kW 250kg

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