MP Type Mas-Pl Feeder


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For the Stable Feed of Molten Fly Ash

Allows the stable feed difficult-to-handle materials such as melted fly ash.

  • The thin encircling-type feeding table allows stable feed without adhesion or flushing.
  • Through its powder pressure alleviation mechanism, stable feed is possible without the effects of compacting .

MP Type
The powder or grain stored in the silo at the upper stage enters the cylinder (11) through the spout (10) from the center while being roated and the guide bar (9). The powder in the cylinder is untied by the stirring blade (7) and is successively sent to the measure on the feed table (6) through three ports of the leveling plate (7).

The powder filled in the measure is leveled to a certain quantity at the final port and is conveyed to the port of the receiving disk (5) to be continuously dropped to the chute (12).

The feeding quantity is adjusted by varying the number of revolutions of the feed table.

Fused fly ashes, burned fly ashes (clinker mixed), heavy oil ashes, humidified powder, adhesive powder, etc.

No. Name
1 Motor
2 Reduction Gear
3 Vertical Shaft
4 Grand Packing
5 Bottom Pan
6 Feeding Table
7 Scraper Plate
8 Agitating wing
9 Guide Rod
10 Spout
11 Vessel
12 Chute


Feed rate
Motor Power
MP-04 1m3/h 0.4kW 500kg
MP-05 2.5m3/h 0.75kW 550kg
MP-06 4.5m3/h 1.5kW 650kg
MP-07 7m3/h 1.5kW 800kg
MP-09 14m3/h 2.2kW 1100kg

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